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Periodic Exams Recommended for People with Diabetes

Ask our Physician

Q: Dr. Stanislaw, I've had type 1 diabetes for 10 years and want to stay as healthy as I can be. What tests should I have each year to make sure my body stays healthy?

A: Great question! Besides the A1c, there are many other tests that you should do proactively to stay on top of your health. I will detail them below.

How to Avoid Spring Allergies Naturally

Ask our Physician

Q: Dr. Stanislaw, I love the warmer spring temperatures, but I'm dreading dealing with those awful allergy symptoms that I get every year. I don't want to keep taking all of these over-the-counter drugs. Are there natural ways to avoid allergies?

A: Excellent question. Not only are there natural ways, but natural modalities are healthier for you, and can be safer and more effective than OTC remedies.

In order to avoid spring allergy symptoms in these next few months and be able to enjoy being outside, you’ll want to take certain steps to ensure your health and energy levels are at their best. Spring is the perfect time to do some cleaning, not just inside your house, but inside your body as well.

Here are my top tips for ensuring your health is at its best this spring: