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Eating healthily on holiday with diabetes

Healthy Living

When you go on holiday it’s usually an excuse for a well-deserved break, and you don’t really worry about what you’re eating because you're on vacation. When I travel, I head away for months at a time, which means I need to be careful about maintaining a healthy lifestyle along with healthy blood sugars. But with cheap street food and fast food readily available on a budget, how do you eat healthy with long-term travel? Here are my top tips.

1) Cook your own meals

My two best friends or 10 reasons why menopause ain't for sissies!

Healthy Living

I’m sitting here in Tropical Mauritius in 90-degree heat and sweating like it’s nobody’s business.  We decided to head here for a short mini break to visit friends. When I imagined myself here I thought of romantic balmy nights and long swims on a deserted beach.  So far it’s almost perfect. I say almost because of the two friends I take with me everywhere I go. 

Type 1 diabetes and Menopause.