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Such an important topic for life...I've blogged about it twice!

Type 1 Diabetes Blog

When I was a student blogger for DiabetesSisters, I wrote a blog about Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). Although I can say that my diabetes right now is doing better than normal, other aspects of my life can bring me down sometimes, especially when I'm thinking of everything that has to be done in the next few months. I become negative very quickly and all that does is overwhelms me. Because of this, I wanted to repost the blog I posted awhile back as a student. It truly it a very valuable life lesson that I hope we can all practice on a daily basis! 

One of the Greatest Influences on Blood Sugar Levels

Type 1 Diabetes Blog

Walking. Running. Zumba. Dumbbells. Circuit training. Find what you enjoy and simply do it. I really want to focus this blog post on staying active through all seasons of your diabetes. As we all know, diabetes has many seasons, both good and bad. However, one thing that we can stay consistent with throughout all of these seasons is physical activity.


Type 1 Diabetes Blog

If you love a Diabetic, sign this.


It is a petition through diaTribe and change.org to urge the US Senate to put Diabetes on the docket. 

"The Food and Drug Administration has begun to hold a series of patient meetings to gain a better understanding of specific diseases. Over the next five years, the agency plans to conduct at least 20 such meetings on conditions ranging from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to Narcolepsy to Irritable Bowel Syndrome."