You’re Never Alone on Your Journey with DiabetesSisters

Discover a community that understands your journey with diabetes, offering support and guidance when you need it the most. Experience the strength of women as you navigate your own health journey.

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Join DiabetesSisters, a women’s health non-profit organization, and step into a community dedicated to empowering women on their health journey. Here, you’re part of a network that celebrates resilience and provides support from women who truly understand the nuances of living with diabetes.

From Our Community Members

“I’ve gained a great deal of confidence in talking to and advocating for others with diabetes who live with diabetes.”

“I love knowing others around me who understand the daily challenges of having diabetes. At times it can feel so alone, and it’s good to know we have friends living the same life.”

“Diabetes is a common disease…we need each other to help us along this journey, connect with others who understand, offer advice, support, and even a hug when we need it.”

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Join us and serve as the cornerstone of our network, championing the cause and guiding members through their diabetes journey. With our support, you’ll emerge as a leading community member, fostering spaces where members uplift and support each other in managing diabetes and navigating life’s challenges. Become the catalyst for positive change and make a lasting impact today.


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Raising awareness is paramount in combating diabetes, and DiabetesSisters is at the forefront of this battle. Through targeted education, robust support, and active advocacy, the women-only diabetes non-profit organization is dedicated to enlightening and aiding women facing the challenges of diabetes. DiabetesSisters’ mission emphasizes the empowerment of women to take charge of their health confidently, creating a nurturing environment that promotes growth and a sense of community. This crucial work not only brings diabetes to the forefront of public consciousness but also equips women with the tools they need for effective management and advocacy for their health rights.

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