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Support Women’s Health with Your Diabetes Donation

DiabetesSisters empowers women with diabetes to lead healthier, more fulfilled lives. Your donation makes a real difference.

Empower Women to Combat Diabetes

Over 199 million women worldwide live with diabetes, a number expected to rise to 313 million by 2040. DiabetesSisters champions these women, offering education, support, and community to not just survive but thrive. Donations fuel our mission, enabling us to extend our reach and enhance our programs. Your contribution supports vital resources and peer support networks, directly impacting women’s lives by providing them with the tools and confidence to manage their condition effectively.

DiabetesSisters has been working to connect women with diabetes and their families through peer support, advocacy and education that improves their health and quality of life.

$10 monthly or $120 one-time gift 

This donation can fund educational materials for new members, helping them to understand and manage their diabetes more effectively.

$25 monthly or $300 one-time gift 

Your contribution at this level supports the organization of support group meetups, offering a safe space for women to share and learn.

$50 monthly or $600 one-time gift 

A donation of this magnitude helps to develop and maintain online resources and virtual workshops, ensuring accessibility for all.

$100 monthly or $1200 one-time gift 

This significant contribution can sponsor a woman’s participation in life-changing leadership and advocacy training programs.

$200 monthly or $2400 one-time gift 

A generous donation at this level enables comprehensive outreach programs to women at risk of diabetes, promoting early detection and management.

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Ways to Donate

DiabetesSisters welcomes donations through various channels, including online, or by mail, offering flexibility for your convenience.

Each contribution, regardless of the method, directly supports women with diabetes, ensuring they have access to the resources and community support they need.


Honor a Special Woman

Celebrate the strength and resilience of a woman in your life by donating in her honor. This meaningful gesture not only commemorates her journey but also extends support to others navigating their path with diabetes.

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