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Diabetes Volunteers Empower and Support Women

As a DiabetesSisters volunteer, become a beacon of support and empowerment in our community. Our host and ambassador roles play crucial roles in nurturing a space where women can thrive and connect.


Become a Meetup Host or Brand Ambassador

Step into the rewarding roles of a meetup host or brand ambassador to facilitate support, empower women, and make an impact in the diabetes community. Your journey toward making a difference starts here.

Facilitate Support

Meetup hosts and brand ambassadors create welcoming environments where women feel safe to share their stories and support each other, fostering a sense of community and understanding.

Empower Others

By sharing knowledge and experiences, our volunteers empower women, equipping them with the tools to navigate their diabetes journey confidently and with support.

Community Building

Our volunteers are at the heart of our movement, driving positive change and enhancing the lives of women with diabetes, one meetup and one message at a time.

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Make an Impact

Become a part of our mission to empower women with diabetes by stepping into a volunteer role that suits your passion and skills. Whether as a meetup host or brand ambassador, your involvement will contribute to a supportive network, helping women navigate their health journeys and find a sense of belonging through their diverse experiences.

How to Become a Volunteer

Becoming a volunteer with DiabetesSisters is a rewarding and straightforward process, laid out in three easy steps.


1. Fill Out a Form

Begin by expressing your interest in volunteering. Fill out a contact form or send us and inquiry to get the ball rolling.


2. Prepare For Your Role

Receive training and resources to prepare you for your role. We ensure you have the knowledge and support needed to succeed and make a difference.


3. Be a Leader!

Step into your role as a host or ambassador, leading meetups or representing our brand, and start making impact in the lives of women dealing with diabetes.

From Our Community Volunteers

“I volunteer with DiabetesSisters because this organization has helped me immensely on my own diabetes journey. Being a host is my opportunity to give back. “

“I truly feel that leading a group of women with all types of diabetes has given me a purpose in living with this condition.”

“It was wonderful on the hard days to know that they were rooting for me. As a host, I am glad to provide that same space for others.”

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