2017 Weekend for Women Conference, Alexandria, VA

2017 Weekend for Women Conference, Alexandria, VA

Thank you for being part of our special weekend! Below you will find slides from our sessions. Please note they are watermarked as part of our weekend and will be removed from our site one year after the conference (October 15, 2018).

Special thanks to our esteemed faculty for providing quality sessions.

Anxiety Depression and Diabetes, Nicole Bereolos

twitter: @DrNBereolos

 Diabetes and Heart Disease, Sarah Alexander

 Be the CEO of Your Healthcare, Nicole Bereolos

twitter: DrNBereolos

 Diabetes and Technology, Melissa Lee

twitter: @sweetlyvoiced

 Charting Your Own Patient Journey, Sara Wyen

twitter: @ClotRecoveryNet
facebook: Blood Clot Recovery Network

 Making Use of Glycemic Index, Gary Scheiner

twitter: @GaryScheiner

Keynote: Life is Sweet, Shawn Shepheard


Mindful Eatng - Am I Really Hungry?, Susan Weiner

twitter: @susangweiner

 Living as a Healthwise Woman, Angela Ford

twitter: @blkwomenshealth

The Physiology of Diabetes and Exercise, Christel Oerum

twitter: @TheRealFitBlog

Type 1 Diabetes and Pregnancy, Anna Floreen and Susan Weiner

twitter: @MyGlu; @susangweiner
MyGlu.org; SusanWeinerNutrition.com

Using Food as Medicine, Kelly Schmidt

twitter/instagram: @DiabeticDietitian

Eating Disorders in Type 1 and 2 Diabetes, Rhonda Merwin                                                   

The Emotional Side of Diabetes and How to Offer Support, Rhonda Merwin