Here Comes the New Year!

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Here Comes the New Year!

The New Year is fast approaching. Is it really almost 2019? WOW! This time of year most of us start to think about our goals or resolutions. Unfortunately many of these are broken so soon after that it's almost comical to see how quickly it happens. How do you handle your goals for the new year when it comes to diabetes? Do you make some major changes or try to tweak as you go?

I'm one that tries to make major changes only to get burned out quickly. This year is going to be different. (Hmm, I've heard that before!) Honestly, I'm taking a different approach this year. I'm not going to make several huge changes all at once. I've learned from past mistakes and recent successes with other parts of my life that slow and steady really does win the race.

Some of the things I plan to try are:

  • gradually add exercise back into my daily routine, starting with short periods of time (5 minutes then 10 minutes, twice a week then three times per week, etc)
  • allow myself to enjoy my favorite foods/treats, but keeping moderation in mind (bite size or fun size Snickers instead of a full size candy bar)
  • spending more time in the living room versus my bedroom or office

From there, I will reexamine my progress. Do I need to be less strict with myself? Can I add another goal to the mix? Do I need to ask for help to reach my goals? (Oh asking for help, that's a tough one!)

The new year seems to be a good place to make a fresh start, though it can be done at any time. Why wait? Why not start today? (Unless you're already in your pajamas and ready to go to bed like I am, then it can wait until morning.) I'm excited to see what 2019 has in store! Happy New Year!