September 2018: Inside A PODS Meetup

September 2018: Inside A PODS Meetup

A question we hear often is What are PODS Meetups like? Well, the first rule of PODS Meetups is: you do not talk about PODS Meetups.

Okay, just kidding. However, what is shared in a PODS Meetup is confidential and is not to be shared outside of the Meetup. We do this to ensure our members have a safe place to discuss their feelings about and experiences with living with diabetes. So while we won’t be sharing specific details of any PODS Meetup, we can give you a general peek at what PODS Meetups are like….

When and where are PODS Meetups held? We currently have approximately 35 PODS groups meeting in about 20 states, and one Virtual PODS held online (with more new PODS groups coming soon!!). We’ve even held PODS Meetups during past Weekend for Women Conferences! Most of our groups meet once a month, on evenings or weekends. PODS Meetups occur in a variety of locations, such as coffee shops, restaurants, churches, bookstores and even members’ homes. Some groups meet in medical buildings - however, our PODS are not run by medical groups. PODS groups are peer-run and support focused and do not include medical information.

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Who are PODS Meetups for? Our PODS Meetups include women living with any type of diabetes, such as pre-diabetes, type 2, type 1, LADA, MODY, gestational, surgically induced etc. PODS Meetups do not include family, friends, caregivers or partners, because PODS Meetups are a time for women to focus caring for themselves and their own health.

Okay, but what do you DO at a PODS Meetup? Every month our PODS Leaders are given a suggested discussion topic that coordinates with the DiabetesSisters monthly theme (used in our eNewsletters, blog, and social media). For example, this month our PODS groups may be discussing Stress and Emotional Wellness or Eating Disorders. These topics are not a requirement, and our PODS Leaders often coordinate special events for their groups. Successful PODS Meetups have included events such as nature hikes, meditation or yoga instruction, cooking classes, local diabetes conferences, special diabetes-related guest speakers, and pot-luck dinners.

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How can I attend a PODS Meetup? If you’d like to join or lead a PODS Meetup, please fill out our PODS Interest form and we will hook you up with all of the information you need. And for more about our PODS Meetups, check out the PODS Spotlights we’ve featured on our PODS Meetups page.