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Ladies First – Diabetes and Beyond


We are all about health empowerment this month, not just in your life with diabetes but in all aspects of your life as a strong woman. So we’ve put together information on some fantastic websites with resources and support to help you live your healthiest life.

  • Black Women’s Health Imperative – Founded 38 years ago, the Black Women’s Health Imperative works to bring optimal health and well-being to all black women and girls. Signature programs address diabetes, HIV, menstruation, and empowerment and advocacy. Learn more at
  • FDA Women – The US Food and Drug Administration has an Office of Women’s Health with resources and healthy living tips relevant to women. Find information for women with diabetes at See all women’s topics at
  • HealthyWomen – With a focus on educating women aged 35 to 64 to make informed health choices, HealthyWomen provides fact-based, expert-sourced content on approximately 60 conditions important to women. Check them out at
  • Society for Women’s Health Research – While working to bring women’s health to the mainstream, The Society for Women’s Health Research promotes research on biological differences in disease and the improvement of women’s health through science, policy, and education. Learn more about the resources and webinars they provide at
  • WomenHeart – Founded over two decades ago by three women who had heart attacks in their 40s, WomenHeart provides support and education to the millions of women in the United States who are at risk for or live with heart disease. Visit them at

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