DiabetesSisters is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the health and quality of life of women with diabetes, and to advocate on their behalf.

What We Believe

We believe all women with diabetes should have access to a healthy support system that includes peers with diabetes. A healthy peer support system provides encouragement, empowerment, and education with the purpose of helping each woman reach her full potential in life. An empowered, informed woman with diabetes is a healthy woman with diabetes!

What We Stand For

Diversity- DiabetesSisters strives to represent and include all women in a way that reflects the diversity of the population.

Encouragement- DiabetesSisters strives to provide a healthy environment for women to seek and provide encouragement throughout their journey with diabetes.

Collaboration- In order for women with diabetes to reach their full potential we believe supportive collaboration and information exchange are essential.

Growth- DiabetesSisters promotes the growth of womens’ spirits, souls, and intellect through supportive information exchange.

Respect- DiabetesSisters promotes the respect of all women’s opinions, beliefs, questions, and concerns regardless of race, religion, socioeconomicstatus, background, or sexual orientation.

Vision Statement

The vision for DiabetesSisters is a world in which women are fully empowered to effectively manage their diabetes.

Engage. Unite. Empower.

Diabetes Sisters provides a centralized location for women with diabetes around the world to come together to support and empower each other to reach their full potential by sharing information about the disease and its treatment to improve their health.

Through the unity of Sisterhood, women will find confidence through peers who understand and care about them as individuals. This confidence will provide motivation for women to take ownership of their diabetes.

Through the unity of Sisterhood, women will set in motion a radical change in the world’s view of women with diabetes increase awareness to areas in need of change in hopes of expanding the resources available to each women.

Through the unity of Sisterhood, women will celebrate each other’s innate strength and resilience and provide motivation for women to take control of their diabetes.

Through the unity of Sisterhood, role models will emerge for both younger and older generations. These role models will provide inspiration and courage for women to reach for high goal both in life and in their diabetes care.

Through the unity of the Sisterhood, women with diabetes will become better educated about the disease and impact long-term healthcare outcomes for women with the disease.

DiabetesSisters remains dedicated to the idea that before a woman can take care of anyone else, she must first take care of herself. Therefore, a strong emphasis is placed on nurturing her health and nourishing her spirit.


the day when every woman with diabetes walks proudly through each stage of life knowing that she has millions of DiabetesSisters to lean on.

the day when women around the world with diabetes talk freely and proudly about their disease (with no shame or blame).

the day when the differences in females with diabetes and males with diabetes are acknowledged, researched, and understood.

the day when strong female role models with diabetes of every age abound in the media.

the day when women with diabetes around the world declare their health a top priority by attending the Annual Conference to increase their support network, become more educated about diabetes' unique effects on women, and find motivation to take control of their diabetes (mentally and physically).

the day when cities around the world are bustling with innovative activities and events for women with diabetes.

the day when the thought of our daughters having diabetes does not strike fear in our hearts because we know that we have built a strong foundation for future generations.

IMAGINE...with DiabetesSisters!