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Are you new to diabetes? Did you recently find out you are expecting? Do you feel as though no one really understands what you go through on a daily basis? Are you terrified of doing something wrong? Would you like to hear about another woman’s struggles and triumphs with diabetes?

You can find exactly what you are looking for HERE at DiabetesSisters. Through our sisterTALK blogs, you will find an outstanding network of women who share their thoughts and feelings about the nuances of living with diabetes in weekly blogs. Whether you are experiencing Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, or pregnancy and diabetes, there is someone here who "speaks your language." Every woman is highlighted for 3-6 months to tell us about her diabetes journey in her own words. By rotating bloggers on a 3-6 month basis, our readers are allowed to read about many different perspectives on the disease. If you have something in common with our highlighted bloggers or have a thought to share, we invite you to comment below the blog. If you are interested in serving as one of our "highlighted bloggers", please email us at

Net Carbs Vs. Total Carbs: What Counts?


By Katie Crupi-Sullivan, RD, CDE

Katie Crupi-Sullivan is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, and Medtronic Diabetes Clinical Manager for Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She dedicates her professional career to helping people with diabetes have a better understanding of how food affects diabetes control. She loves to educate people about advanced pump features and continuous glucose monitoring to improve diabetes management.

Holiday Inspired Wishes

Type 1 Diabetes Blog

With Thanksgiving just past and Christmas and New Year’s around the corner, this is a time of year for reflection. I’ve been thinking lately not only about what I am thankful for, but also what I wish for, and how that has changed over time. Recently I was discussing diabetes and other health related challenges with someone, and I found myself saying that I would trade my left arm to be rid of diabetes. Never mind that I am right handed, this still seemed like a huge sacrifice. Of course, this is not possible, but still, I kind of surprised myself when I said it out loud.

Birth Control Makes It a Little Easier


Birth control has made a world of difference for me when it comes to my periods. I’ve briefly touched on how my body reacts to my period. I started birth control my freshmen year of high school. I didn’t have the diagnoses of PCOS and endometriosis, but I’m glad that I was already doing one of the main ways to make it manageable, birth control. I’ve been grateful for it ever since.

How the Diabetes Community Positively Impacted My Life

Student Blog

When I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 12, I knew of one boy at my school that was diagnosed a few years before me. All I really knew was that he got to eat snacks in class and had to go to the nurse a lot. Unfortunately, he had transferred schools and the only other person I knew who had type 1 diabetes was my mom’s friend’s daughter, who was away at college. To sum it up, I felt pretty alone.

Giving Thanks

Type 1 Diabetes Blog

In Montana, November means that the open-toed sandals are a firmly poor decision, blanket scarves are the best way to transition from bedtime to meeting time, and light snowfall in the morning is expected. As the weather dips cooler, the spirit of this month nudges us closer to ourselves and each other.


Type 1 Diabetes Blog
Today is Halloween, a holiday which I have always enjoyed, both as a kid and as an adult. It’s funny, even now, as a person living with diabetes, I love it.  It’s one food-centric holiday (candy-centric even!) that diabetes has not impacted in a negative way.