April 2018 eNewsletter

April 2018 eNewsletter

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Dear DiabetesSister, 
Hello April! I hope the longer and warmer days are providing opportunities for enjoyment. I know I have been taking evening walks and keeping the curtains open later. Spring allows us time to experience rebirth and reinvention.
This month, our PODS meetup groups are discussing hormones - so we've provided information on pregnancy (see link to Ginger and Jenny's book excerpt below), and a link to our previous webinar on menopause, 5 Things Women with Diabetes Should Know About Menopause, found here.
In case you missed it, we hosted our first Facebook Live Series last month with the National Kidney Foundation and WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease. The three-part series included great conversations between providers and patients, focusing on diabetes and the relationship between heart and kidney disease. We've provided one of the videos below, and please be sure to click the link to watch another.
Sadly, we experienced loss in March with the passing of Emma Gresham and Michele Vaughn. Both were active members of our PODS Meetup groups. Miss Emma was an ever-present attendee of our Keysville, GA PODS, and a passionate advocate for women living with diabetes. Michele, one of our PODS Leaders in Indianapolis, was also highly involved in ensuring women with diabetes had access to resources and support. Both women leave a void in our community and will be greatly missed, but their legacies live on and allow us to continue the support they provided in their communities.
I hope each of you will continue to make strides in your health, remembering the women that have paved the way before us. 
Until next month, take care of yourselves. And each other.
In Sisterhood,
Anna Norton, MS, CEO
24 Triumphant (NOT Perfect!) Years THRIVING with Diabetes

Emma Gresham
Last month we said farewell to two fierce DiabetesSisters. We are saddened by this profound loss to the diabetes community, in addition to their communities at large.
Emma Gresham (1925 - 2018), affectionately known as Miss Emma, was an active member of our Keysville, GA, PODS Meetup since it began. Health for everyone, especially women with diabetes, was a top priority for Miss Emma. She fought to make sure that life was better for everyone in Keysville, bringing basic necessities including running water, wastewater treatment, fire department, and street lights to town. Her energy and dedication to the community was evident in her legacy as mayor, civil servant, and leader for the duration of her life.
Michele Vaughn
Michele Vaughn (1980 - 2018), PODS co-leader in Indianapolis, IN, was known for her positive spirit, her ever-present laughter, and her compassion for others. Her dedication to finding and supporting women with pre-diabetes and diabetes of all types, along with her confidence, strength, and sense of fun, made her an excellent leader and friend. Indy PODS co-leader Chris Reister remembers Michele as a dear, sweet heart and precious sister who always brought bright sunshine into their meetings together - and to the rest of the world.

Women with diabetes are often concerned about the risk of passing diabetes on to their children. Here are some insights on this topic, from the book "Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes" by Ginger Vieira & Jennifer C. Smith RD, CDE.
"Before we get any further, let's tackle the big question that's on all of our minds: what is my child's risk of developing type 1 diabetes?
There are several factors and tests you can use to help determine if your child is at risk for developing type 1 diabetes. At the time this book was written there is no current treatment method to conclusively prevent the onset of type 1 diabetes in someone with a greater risk; however, there are many studies in progress that are proving successful in at least delaying the onset of the disease."
Ginger and Jenny have shared their professional expertise with DiabetesSisters for many years through articles and webinars. Thank you, Ginger and Jenny, for sharing your knowledge and experience!

Eight years ago, during the early stages of DiabetesSisters and PODS Meetups, Andrea Herndon saw an advertisement for DiabetesSisters in a diabetes magazine while waiting at her doctor's office in Rochester, NY. Soon after, she invited a group of women living with diabetes to gather around her kitchen table, get to know each other, and talk about living with diabetes. That was in 2010...the rest is both history and excitement for the future.
A steadfast group of 6-9 women regularly attend the Perinton/Fairport PODS Meetups, which recently changed the name of its location to be more specific and reach women in areas outside of Rochester. During recent meetings they have discussed topics such as the need for checking blood glucose (BG), the need to find and schedule an appointment with an endocrinologist, carb counting, how exercise affects BG numbers, and much more.
"I can't imagine my life without the women in this PODS group, or without the DiabetesSisters organization. The support, resources, and encouragement it offers is unique. I haven't found anything like it anywhere else." - Andrea Herndon, Perinton/Fairport PODS Leader
Perinton/Fairport PODS members like learning so much from each others' different experiences, support that they get from and give to each other, and especially no longer feeling alone since finding their PODS group.

Last month, we proudly partnered with the National Kidney Foundation and WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease to present our Facebook Live series on the connection between diabetes, kidney disease and heart disease.
Patients and healthcare providers spoke of common risk factors, management of these conditions, and ways to cope emotionally and physically. Speakers included DiabetesSisters' Faculty members Nicole M. Bereolos, PhD, MPH, CDE and Susan Weiner, MS, RDN, CDE, CDN and Anne Dalin, Patient with Diabetes and DiabetesSisters' PODS Leader.
Nicole Bereolos, PhD, MPH, CDE, and Jayne Wallace, patient
Nicole Bereolos, PhD, MPH, CDE, and Jayne Wallace, patient, discuss considerations for women's health
View more from the series here: 
DiabetesSisters expresses its gratitude to the sponsors 
who made this series possible: 
AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, Lilly, Janssen, Merck, Novo Nordisk, Pfizer and Sanofi.

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Wednesday, May 16, 10am est
Exercise, Blood Sugar and Diabetes for Latin American Women with Lorena Drago, MS, RDN, CDN CDE, (in Spanish)
Wednesday, May 16, 4pm est
Life Class Webinar: Exercise and Diabetes with Christel Oerum, Susan Weiner and Rachel Zinman
Wednesday, May 23, 10am est
Heart, Kidney Health and Diabetes for Latin American Women with Frank Lavernia, MD (in Spanish)
For more information, email us at info@diabetessisters.org

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April 4, 6:00pm
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April 17, 7:00pm
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April 21, 1:30pm
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April 23. 6:30pm
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April 24, 6:00pm
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April 25, 7:00pm



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