Between the Lines - Introduction

Between the Lines - Introduction

Established in 2008

In mid-2018, DiabetesSisters convened with our Board of Directors and industry partners to discuss ways to further reach our community of women living with diabetes. We discussed ways to engage our community, and ways industry could help us to educate and support us further.

Throughout the course of that day, we kept zeroing in on one point: the strength and dedication of women as they walk their journey with diabetes, and how so many of us do it while juggling many other things.

And so, “Between the Lines” was born. It quickly became a place where we could showcase our stories as we travel through life.

We are so many things to so many people: daughters, sisters, mothers, friends, professionals. And we manage to be successful (and sometimes not) in balancing our lives while also choreographing our dance with diabetes.

“We are so many things to so many people.”

“Between the Lines” shares the stories of real women living real lives while having diabetes. Sometimes our stories are happy ones, with great results; other times, they pose challenges. Despite this, we all find Sisterhood and community with each other, creating friendships through our experiences.

We are extremely proud of this series and grateful to the women who freely share their experiences as they try to stay within their desired blood sugar range, all while continuing to thrive in their lives.

We hope you will enjoy reading this series, perhaps nodding your head in agreement as you read through stories that touch you, or learn about ways to better cope through challenges in your diabetes lives.

We offer our gratitude to the our founding sponsors, Lexicon Pharmaceuticals and Sanofi. Their unwavering support allows us to showcase these stories.

About DiabetesSisters

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, DiabetesSisters is the only organization nationwide focusing exclusively on women living with diabetes. Our mission is to improve the health and quality of life of women living with and at risk of diabetes and to advocate on their behalf. DiabetesSisters has a 25,000+ member peer network that unites women with diabetes for the purpose of support, education and advocacy. Signature programs include monthly peer support meetings (PODS Meetups); the Minority Initiative Program; online blogs, forums, and expert resources; and conferences throughout the US.