Bad news travels in 3

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Bad news travels in 3

Ladies please sign-up to be an actual or virtual walker for the Orange: Will Walk to raise funds for DiabetesSisters.   The Conference Committee is hard at work spreading the word about the walk…I spent this past Friday going around town passing out Bookmarks to local providers and merchants announcing the walk.  Every dollar counts in making a difference.  

Friday my husband played in a golf tournament to raise funds for my nephew’s soccer team to cover travel expenses to Orlando, FL to play in a soccer tournament. When I got home my husband told me that he bought me something today then he pulls out a small mailing envelope….I thought to myself…oh it’s my new meter and he is trying to pull a fast one on me. Nope…he pulls out a hockey puck signed by one of my favorite Canes players. I was sooo excited then started to laugh. My husband asked why I was laughing…and I said there are not many wives that would appreciate the gift...told him for me it’s better than flowers any day. I took it to work yesterday to show it off but there are only two other Caniacs in the office…but both ladies thought my husband did well.

Had to struggle with bad news over the weekend. Friday night I learned my neighbor’s mom suffered a stroke. My neighbor has been like a big sister to me and well her mom has been like a second mom to me.   Over all these years I kept the card she sent me after my mom’s passing.   She told me how much she loved me and if I ever needed a mom that she would be happy to fill-in. Believe it or not she was released Sunday evening. She had regained movement in her arm and her speech was no longer slurred. She will require home care but it sounds positive. 

My neighbor with liver cancer went back to the hospital recently because her legs and feet are very swollen. Doctors thought it was fluid but unfortunately it was not…doctors believe that the tumors are so large that they are blocking the arteries in the back of the liver.  The doctors said the situation is inoperable…can’t afford to take any more of the liver because they already took 2/3 and if they try to put stents in the arteries the operation is so difficult  they are afraid she will bleed to death. The tumors have grown so large that she looks 9 months pregnant.   

To top off the weekend I received an email from one of my best friends telling me that her husband’s father suffered a stroke and had to life flight him to the hospital. 

They say bad news travels in 3…