Cuddling up with my Insulin

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Cuddling up with my Insulin

A few weeks ago, we did a 10-day camping safari through Namibia. We specifically decided to visit during the winter in Africa, because the wildlife viewing is supposed to be much better. First, there is less greenery so animals are easier to see. And second, there is less water so animals congregate around the water holes, making them even easier to spot.

The fact that it was winter—and we were camping—didn’t bring me much concern. Because it’s Africa, so it’s always warm…right?!

I should have actually checked the weather forecasts, because while the days were comfortable, the nights were very cold. In fact, it dropped to around freezing some nights that we were camping. I was concerned about myself surviving a night of freezing temps—but I was more concerned about my insulin. The FDA says that you should avoid freezing insulin, and if that does happen, you cannot use it.

And I was carrying all my insulin for the next 7 months! I had a Frio pouch for keeping the insulin cool, but nothing for keeping it warm.

So I did the only thing that I thought was practical—I took the insulin out of my Frio pouch at night and put it in the sleeping bag with me, thinking my body heat would keep it a reasonable temperature. I checked the vials when I woke up and they were a good temperature (not frozen and not too hot), so it seemed to work well. I just never imagined I’d spend my nights in Namibia cuddling with my insulin!

Photo: My husband and I in Sossusvlei, Namibia