Diabetes is a part of my life too


Diabetes is a part of my life too

I met my wife online in March 2011. We clicked almost instantly and married on August 4, 2012. We share a love of our faith, TV crime dramas and cats, serving as “mom” and “dad” to Callie and Stash.

Diabetes has been a part of her life since she was 10 months old – and now it is a part of mine, too.

I have come to recognize the musical sound of her sensor and just nudge her in bed, lovingly saying: “Hon, you’re beeping.”

I know if she seems confused, her words halting, I ask her “Hon, have you tested recently?” I’m not trying to nag, but I want to make sure she is healthy.

I joke that she is CVS’s favorite customer. Their automated pharmacy greeting seems to leave her a message every day. I don’t mind making an emergency run to the pharmacy to pick up test strips because she unexpectedly ran out.

Katie is a wonderful person with a big heart. Her diabetes background has made her a great nurse because she cares about people and can understand what they are going through. She wants to take the time to get to know her patients. In her current role as a school nurse, she has given these emotionally trouble students someone to look up to. Katie is also dedicated to serving others through her faith and her role as a deacon at her church, where she has led services, organized a young adult Bible study group and administered to shut-ins.

Katie was there to support me when I got laid off from my job in May 2013. I had doubts about whether I wanted to continue in journalism because of the tough job prospects, relatively low pay and long hours. Katie encouraged to stay with my passion for reporting and writing. She also was there to pick me up when I was frustrated with graduate school classes I was taking.

It was because Katie is supportive of me that I love being supportive of her. I enjoyed attending last year’s DiabetesSisters' Partner’s Perspective program, where I learned more about diabetes and got to interact with other partners who are speaking the common language of “A1C,” and being “high,” “low” and commiserating about the pain in the neck the health insurance industry can be sometimes.  I am looking forward to rejoining the partners later this month in Washington, DC.

I have enjoyed participating in the Tour de Cure with her the last couple years. I am happy to be on Team Katie.

Hopefully, one day there will be a cure for diabetes. Until that day, we will take it just one step at a time and be there for each other.

Submitted by Michael Goot. His wife, Katie, has lived with diabetes since she was 10 months old. They reside in Clifton Park, NY.


Wow! Mike and Katie demonstrate what true love, marriage, dedicated friendship, and committed devotion is all about! Marriage isn't easy in normal circumstances, and with diabetes even the best partnerships get stretched and tested. I am so grateful for my husband Ben who has learned to respond to the beeps and alarms in the middle of the night when I sleep through them, and who has braved the task of giving me a me a glucagon shot in the arm when I am shivering and sweating at the same time, barely coherent with a rapidly sinking BG of 40 and below. Mike, thank you for sharing your beautiful perspective as a Diabetes Partner. May you and Katie live long and prosper!
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