Exciting Things to Come....

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Exciting Things to Come....

Ah-Choo!......Ah Choo! I’m sneezing constantly and pollen is flying all around me!  That must mean one thing: Spring is FINALLY here!  There are lots of things that make me love April, but I just realized one important thing:  April reminds me of Friday, my favorite day of the week. Friday is my favorite day of the week because there’s so much anticipation of the fun, enjoyment, and even relaxation that is to come over the weekend.  The month of April seems like one long Friday….full of anticipation of the fun times ahead in the warm spring and summer months. 

I spent one day this past (Easter) holiday weekend soaking in the sun by the pool at the beach.  As a person with a persistent Vitamin D deficiency, a day in the warm sun makes a world of difference in my outlook.  (By the way, did you know that Vitamin D and B-12 deficiencies are common in people with diabetes?  Have you had your levels checked lately?) As I mentioned earlier, the month of April ushers in lots of positive thoughts, exciting events, and fun things to look forward to.  First, there’s Easter and the enormity of what the holiday means to those who are religious.  This holiday is usually accompanied by a long weekend that is (hopefully!) full of warm weather.  Then, there’s my daughter’s birthday.  Of course, this requires lots of party planning and carefully selected gifts that I know will light up her face.  As if that’s not enough for me to look forward to, April is also the month that DiabetesSisters holds its annual event. This year, that BIG event is DiabetesSisters’ Inaugural Leadership Institute.  Twenty carefully selected PODS Meetup Leaders from around the country will convene in Raleigh, NC the weekend of April 24-26, 2015 to hear from leading experts, take their diabetes knowledge to a new level, and improve upon their support group and community leadership skills—all while enjoying the feeling of togetherness and sisterhood while being surrounded by women who “just get them”.   The weekend will end with a fun, informative trip to the local Novo Nordisk plant to see how insulin is made.  Before the month of April is complete, DiabtesSisters’ will hold a full-day Board Retreat on Monday, April 27th.  (We’ll share more about what new plans come from this meeting in the months to come!)  My hope for you is that you take time to enjoy all of the beauty that exists around you during the month April (the beautiful spring flowers that are starting to pop up out of the ground, the warm, beautiful sun, and warm temperatures) and feel the anticipation in the air of the excitement that lies in the months ahead .

Last, but not least, I want to send a special GOOD LUCK message to Anna Norton as she prepares to move to Chicago in June 2015.  As many of you know, Anna has been the Operations Manager at DiabetesSisters for the last two and a half years and has managed our Conferences and the PODS Meetup Program during this time.  Many of you have asked whether Anna will continue to work at DiabetesSisters after she moves, and my answer to you is, “OF COURSE, she will!”  The great aspect of our work at DiabetesSisters is that it can be done from pretty much anywhere.  Anna’s contributions to the organization are enormous and her deep passion for the cause is evident, so you can rest assured that very little will change with the organization as a result of her moving to Chicago!  I also want to say THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to Joanna Davis, our 2014-2015 student intern from UNC School of Public Health.  Among her many duties at DiabetesSisters has been posting on all of our social media channels and writing press releases.  (Yes, Joanna has been the person you have been conversing with on our Facebook page!) I am deeply appreciative of the many ways Joanna has contributed to the organization behind the scenes and I wish her well as she graduates with her Master’s degree in May and moves to New York to pursue her dream career! 


Happy Spring, Sisters!