Exercise and Type 2

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Exercise and Type 2

As a person with Type 2 diabetes that is currently diet and exercise controlled, that entails watching what I eat and actually exercising. However, what happens when foot pain gets in the way of walking, let alone exercising?

I've been dealing with foot pain for quite a while now. Recently the pain had gotten to the point that just walking across the room was difficult. Not good for someone who needs to be on her feet all day as a first grade teacher. It's also not good for someone who is trying to control her diabetes with diet and exercise. That's *and* exercise, not *or*. 

My primary care physician sent me to a podiatrist after other possiblities were ruled out. After xrays and an exam, the diagnosis was plantar fasciitus in both feet. For three weeks, my feet were taped every Tuesday to see if extra support helped my foot pain. Then I had my feet casted for custom orthotics. I've had my inserts for about two weeks. Although I am not yet pain free, I've noticed a significant difference already. 

My favorite form of exercise is walking on a treadmill. It's very meditative for me as I can walk in place without much thought. Unfortunately due to the foot pain, I have been unable to do this. Thanks to the orthotics, I was finally able to get back on the treadmill today. I only walked for 20 minutes compaired to my normal hour, but it was progress. 

Exercise is important for everyone but especially for me, someone with diabetes. As I gradually get myself back into exercise (and get back to eating better after a period of poor choices), I remind myself of my mantra: Moderation not deprivation. I need to ease myself into exercise and eating healthy while still allowing myself to enjoy an occasional treat. I might need to find myself an accountability partner so I can encourage another while getting encouragement without blame or guilt. Anyone up for the job?