Future so bright

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Future so bright

Guess who has a new job?!

-I posted this already (so I thought).  Let's try this again.

-Ok 3rd time is a charm or striking out.  At least I copied it.

I think I have posted  how my job affects my mood, which affects my choices.  Well I have FINALLY reached the mountaintop and have a new job on the horizon.  The new company is much healthier in so many ways.  Many of their benefits center around health, happiness, wellness and community.  The new position alone should help smooth my mood but I have found myself making the same choices but in a celebratory theme.

Hopefully now that my stress eating should be significantly lessened, I should be able to get both feet in the boat and commit fully towards getting back on the course that led to recent success so that I can see more improvement.

I had more words of wisdom but sadly, now that they are out of my head, they are lost.  haha

This reminds me that in good or in bad times, I still need to focus on healthier choices so that I can stay on the right path and enjoy more healthy times than regretful bad times.

Happy summer friends. Today is Independence Day.  For me, in more ways than one.