Here we GROW again!

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Here we GROW again!

Hello everyone!  I am seriously pumped about all of the great things going on at DiabetesSisters right now!  (and I’m also exhausted!)  I can’t really talk about all of it, but I’ll share what I can!  First, I am working with Ayogo Games to create an awesomely interactive SisterMatch program on our newly updated website!  The forethought and detail they have put into creating a program that speaks to our members and addresses their needs (to connect and improve their health) is astounding!  We are moving into the final production phase and nearing the release of our beta version.


We have the second 2011 Weekend for Women Conference coming up in San Diego in October…and Susan and I have put a great deal of thought into the speakers and the activities.  I can promise that you won’t be disappointed!  We have initiated a new aspect to our program in which we honor a different woman each year with the “DiabetesSisters Inspiration Award.”  For 2011, Ann Albright is the recipient of the DiabetesSisters Inspiration Award.  She will be joining us in San Diego to accept the award and to share some of her personal “diabetes story.”  You can check out our highly esteemed speakers and session topics here:


Our PODS Meetup program has really taken off!  Exploded might be a better term to describe it!  As a result, Brittney Powell has stepped in to assist Kelli Turner (our National PODS Meetup Leader) and we are actively interviewing volunteers to also assist with the program’s incredible growth.  We have been working with Micromass Communications to create Topic Modules for each meeting.  In other words, these modules will provide structure and direction through educational information, specific activities, and questions for the groups to discuss at each meeting.   I have to give Andi and Diane at Micromass a big hand for the incredible work they have done on these Modules to make it engaging for attendees and as stress-free as possible for PODS Leaders.  We have also been working to create a PODS Leader Training Manual.  This will be used for our first remote PODS Leader training scheduled for August 25th.  For more information, contact Kelli at or Brittney at  Oh yeah…and that reminds me…Brittney Powell just joined our constantly expanding PODS Meetup Leadership Team.  Welcome Brittney!


Last, but not least….two DiabeteSisters members, Kelli Turner and Lesley Gray, will be part of a photo shoot with Diabetic Living magazine.  Look for their story in the Fall 2011 issue (available on Nov 1)!  Kelli and Lesley will be profiled in a three-to-four page spread about DiabetesSisters’ PODS Meetups and the important connections being made through them.   So, they get the “star treatment” on Friday—complete with hair/make-up artists and new clothing for the photo shoot.  I’m so excited for them!


Now is an exciting time to be a part of DiabetesSisters!  I want to sincerely thank all of the volunteers who have done their part to help the organization grow.  I especially want to thank Markee Flint, Shandra Botts, Kelli Turner, Tanya Varanelli, and Connie Hanham-Cain for their tremendous contributions!  It feels great to be part of this Sisterhood!