I'm Baaack

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I'm Baaack

January 18, 2012

Last time I blogged I was down in the dumps but I am much better now.  I'm  baaack.  Seeing some old friends and laughing alot last Saturday brought me out of my funk.  It is amazing how laughter can cure alot of ailments or at least make you forget about them for awhile.  My philosphy is, it is better to laugh than cry and if I don't laugh, I will certainly cry.  Also knowing that I would be seeing my Diabetes Sisters at our monthly meeting helped.  We had a great meeting as usual.  I always learn something from the ladies there.  I wish they were once a week.  If you haven't attended one, please do.


I recently attended a sleep apnea meeting where a bariatrics doctor spoke to us about disordered metabolism.  She has it herself and truly understands the autoimmune disorders.  I got so enthused that I have an appointment next week with her.  I will have an EKG, blood work, a physical, a meal plan and a consultation.   I will also get a B-12 injection.  I remember my Grandmother would get B-12's.  It must have helped her because she lived to be 98 years old.  Her eyesight and memory were outstanding.  I hope this shot will pump me up like that. My goal is to loose weight, improve my health and alleviate some of my medications.  Stay tuned

I had my first 'ballistic' episode (as my husband calls it) on Sunday morning.  I wasn't feeling well and thought that I needed to check my levels.  I had bought several meter kits and placed them everywhere.  In my purse, at the office and at home.  I started having issues getting enough blood for the test strip. The lancing device was slicing my arm. So I decided to buy a newer one in order to use the same lancets and strips. When I opened the box, there were no lancets or strips.  In the past they always had a few of each.  Well, I had to dig around to find where I hid my strips and lancets.  Then I can't get the end off the lancing device to insert the needle.  I am throwing things around by this time.  Even the dog runs from me.  I am muttering by this time.  Thinking how in the world folks with arthritis or elderly people would be able to pull this tip off.  I hand it to my husband to help.  Bless his heart, he walks in from the golf course and here is his wife stomping around, throwing boxes and I am handing him something he has never dealt with before.  He finally gets the tip off, hands it to me and GUESS WHAT, the lancet won't fit.  I was so mad, I just started crying.  He is scouring the house and digging through my purse to find another kit to calm me down.  I finally got the brilliant idea to try the tip for the finger that has a smaller hole - magic that worked.  I actually got the best blood sample I have ever had.  I guess my blood was flowing pretty good and close to the surface.  It was 380 - no no.    My poor poor husband.  He is so thoughtful and comforting.  He is so easy going and laid back, so unlike me.  I am so lucky.  I had worn myself out fighting with lancets and lancing device and stomping around, so I had to take a nap.

My sleeping has improved ever so slightly.  I have been getting about 5-6 hours of shut eye. Yeah me

Well folks until next time, take care of yourselves.  Hope I have some good info to share on disordered metabolism.