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My name is Donna and I'm the current Diabetes Sisters Quarterly Gathering Coordinator. I have also been involved with the planning of the Weekend for Women Conference in Raleigh, NC for the past two years. And now my first attempt of blogging. I have to say I'm nervous....What will I write about? Will anyone read my blog? I hope I can provide some assistance to other Type IIs while making you smile at the same time.

About a month ago my husband and several other men in his office decided to do a weight loss challenge...first to lose 20 pounds wins. He decided to adopt "my diet" - closely watching his carb intake to help lose the weight as quickly as possible. Two days later he comes home and told me that he has a new appreciation for what I have to go through each day. 

After 3 weeks a winner was named and husband was "free" from the low carb "diet". In fact we had a surprise birthday party to go to the next day and needless to say he indulged having 2 pieces of cake. Unlike my husband where he was on a low carb "diet" which is temporary we know for Type II diabetics the low carb, carb counting is a lifestyle, a must in controlling blood glucose levels.  

I have a cartoon hanging-up in my office: A co-worker asks another co-worker "Hey, do you want a cookie? No, thanks. Come on, what's better than cookies?  Not being diabetic."  At times I think "How true!" because I do miss eating hot chocolate chip cookies (as many as I want) right out of the oven with a tall glass of cold milk. Then on the other hand, I think I wouldn't be the person I am today without being diagnosed 10+ years ago with diabetes.  

While people may feel sorry for me because I can't eat sweets like the birthday cake I tell them it’s OK because there are no diseases in heaven and I will be able to eat anything at any time. At times I imagine my mom waiting at the pearly gates with my cat, Louise and a table full of hot Krisy Kreme glazed donuts. As a child I could eat my weight in donuts....I guess that's why my nickname was "Donut". In the meantime, thank God for "sugar free" products!


My name is also Donna. I am 59 years old and just lost my sister on Aug. 25 to dieabes. She was 56 years old . I was doing great on low carb. My doctor even said I had my diabetes under control. Well stress with my husband depression, who by the way is also a diabetic . I just started eating for the holiday. Now my sugar has been 340 to 565. I just found this site and God and I hope with everyone help, I can get this under control.
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