It Is a Small World

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It Is a Small World

Friday I had to drop-off a donation request to a local merchant in preparation for the Weekend for Women Conference. When I introduced myself to Emily, the person who handles donation requests, I told her about my memories of coming to the store as a young girl with my mom. I soon found out that Emily had type II diabetes. She said that it was a result of getting rocky mountain spotted fever from a tick bite. Turns out we have the same physician which we both love. 

Sunday I co-hosted a baby shower for my neighbor’s daughter. During the shower I found out that the mom-to-be was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Then found out that my neighbor down the street was recently diagnosed with diabetes. She is currently undergoing treatment for liver cancer. She was telling me about her visit to the ER when she discovered her blood glucose level was over 500. The next day she started insulin. Being ill and with all the medication she is taking for the liver cancer her doctors are happy when her levels are lower than 200.

It doesn’t end there…then talking to another neighbor, who is an older lady, she said that her doctor told her that her “sugars were high”. She couldn’t believe it because she doesn’t eat a lot of sweets. The doctor gave her a choice of starting medication or giving her 90 days to lose 5 pounds and watch her diet. She picked the 90 days then went back to find out her “sugars” were fine but she is still considered pre-diabetic. Must watch her diet and continue her exercise routine.

Since I’ve been a type II diabetic for over 10 years, they all had several questions for me. I shared what works for me and needless to say told them about the services offered by DiabetesSisters.

Although all our stories are different we all share some things in common: diabetes and the uncertainty of the disease.

On a side note: GO CAROLINA TARHEELS!!!