Kitty Heaven

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Kitty Heaven

I hope everyone has been well.   Sorry that I have been missing action.  

The first week I was recouping from the Weekend Conference.    I hope all those who attended found the sessions educational and made lifelong connections with our sisters.    Me…I tried for the first time Zumba….LOVED IT.   Dancing is one thing I do miss about being younger.   Now I have to wait for weddings…which are few and far between now that I’m older and all my friends and family are married.  Will have to definitely try and find a Zumba class that is close to home or at least get a DVD.   It was great fun and you didn’t feel like you were working out.     


 This past Christmas my niece and nephews got me the Black Eye Peas dance DVD….it is hard to keep-up with all the moves.   I certainly couldn’t be a back-up dancer….although I would like to think I could go on tour.


We have been feeding a stray kitty for about the past month.   Over these past weeks don’t know who is more attached...the kitty, my husband or me.   We have named her Shadow because she is mostly black and came out from the shrubs when my husband first found her.   We decided to adopt her but before bringing her in to meet our other kitty, Garrett, we needed to get her checked-out.   I took her to the vet last week.    All tests were negative and she was a “purrfect” angel.   We thought she could be pregnant…but come to find out the vet said she had already given birth.   So when I got home I had to play cat detective.    We did find them underneath our neighbor’s house.   She has 3 little babies probably about 5 to 6 weeks old.    Now we are trying to decide to also keep the kittens or take them to a no kill shelter for adoption.    They are sooo cute!    2 look like mini mom…the other looks like the daddy…gray tabby.