A New Year, A New Old Me

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A New Year, A New Old Me

January 21, 2011

Another New Year’s and another birthday have passed me by.  I celebrated my 39th birthday on the 4th, which means June will mark 38 years with type 1 diabetes.  I decided that my only resolution this year is to concentrate on me.  Some of you may be saying to yourselves that this is selfish.  I would say this is being selfless.

The last year brought a gambit of emotions to the forefront of my life.  Unfortunately, stress was the most prominent of them.   Hence, my resolution.  I stopped caring for my body.  I did not go to the gym or even go for a walk on my hour lunch break at work.  I did not engage in any stress reduction activity such as breathing or yoga, or exercise.  I also did not eat the best to my ability. I should have bought some stock in Hersey’s chocolate.

This year (2011) is the year devoted to ME.  I have you all as my witnesses.

I end this posting with the following quote from the book Sweet Invisible Body by Lisa Roney:

"For we must be forever starting over with talking, telling our truths, and listening to each other in order to make sense of our lives."