Not much going on

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Not much going on

I started checking again and things seem to be ok.

Much like we often do when we have a dental appointment coming up, I started back checking my blood sugars.  Except for the day I had fudge, they were pretty good.  I did have a few bad days this week where my body rebelled against me and I had a few "lows".  Those days are sooooo frustrating since I am doing what I am supposed to be doing and my lows are not true lows as they are my target numbers (110 - 130).  My body just doesn't know what to do when it is actually working properly I guess.  hahaha... Course it is also weird how when I have numbers like that or lower I don't have the same experience.  There is a difference when I am normal reading from eating correctly and normal reading that I experience as a low from not eating/eating late/not eating enough.  I say this because I can have two totally different experiences even though the numbers are the same.  That is my latest revelation.

So I have my doctor's appointment tomorrow and I hope it all fairs well.  I usually go through my hills of diabetes paraphenelia right before I go so that if I have duplciates I can give her my extras.  There is some really cool stuff in my collections.  I should read it.  hahaha  Much like my nutrition, dieting and working out stuff, I collect it for sport.  Sigh, I am not doing well with my year of me and my journey to health.  Halfway through the year and still a lot of work to do.  I really think my new job will help me refocus.  I am getting 7 days a month back as I will not be on call every Tuesday and 1 weekend a month. I am stoked.

Anyway, wish me luck tomorrow as I get my new 3 month numbers.  Have a godd night my friends.