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Oprah Show Taping

September 27, 2010

Me and Chris in front of Harpo Studios

Hello everyone!  It has been a BIG week in the Barnes household!  My husband, Chris, and I attended a taping of Oprah on Thursday and it is airing today (Monday, September 27th)!  The photo above was taken after the taping in front of Harpo Studios.  Even more exciting—Chris and I were chosen to speak on Oprah Radio.  (I’ll let you know when it will air!)  This was our second Oprah experience (in one year!), so we felt like pros this time.  We received an email on Tuesday advising us to arrive at the studio at 6:30am (30 minutes earlier than original arrival time) for a little bit of pampering.  We arrived at 5:30am and were the second group in line.  When we were escorted to the manicure stations, we got a backstage tour.  After our manicures, we returned to the small waiting area, and at about 8:10am, we were ushered into the studio.  The topic was celebrities pursuing their dreams (outside of Hollywood).  After the show, people began sharing how Oprah had inspired them.  I was determined to share with Oprah how she had inspired me (even using vision boards in the creation of DiabetesSisters).  I raised my hand uncontrollably, but, it was not meant to be.  It probably would have helped if we would have been sitting up close like we were last timeL.  I still admire Oprah and thank her tremendously for the inspiration she has provided me over the years, especially in creating DiabetesSisters.  In fact, those who attended the 2010 Weekend for Women Conference can see the similarity in how we started the conference off with complimentary manicures—just as she started off our Oprah Show taping!

Me and Chris at his 37th "Surprise" Birthday Party

Today is my husband’s birthday and over the weekend we held a “Surprise Birthday Party” with a 70s theme (since he was born in the 70s) in Hickory, NC with my family.  We were even able to get his grandparents to travel from 3 hours away to surprise him at the party.  Needless to say, it worked!

DiabetesSisters' Step Out Team:
Victoria Gibbons, Marsha Csaszar, Kelli Turner, Lindsey O'Hare

Unfortunately, since I was out of town, I missed the (American Diabetes Association’s) Step Out walk that was held in the Triangle this past weekend.  I’d like to take this opportunity to salute our DiabetesSisters team who walked in the Step Out walk this past weekend.  Thank you for representing us so well!  Check out those beautiful DiabetesSisters t-shirts!  Laughing

 In the upcoming week, I will be traveling to San Diego, CA to speak at the Celebration of Strength Luncheon on Saturday.  I am so excited!  Check back next week for an update on my first experience at this annual Luncheon.