Random thoughts from a wandering mind

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Random thoughts from a wandering mind

June 27th,

I have had a bunch of things cross my mind that I wanted to talk about but of course, the thoughts come at the most inopportune times when I don't have a pen or paper or when I should be sleeping.  (sigh)


I have had a giggling fit thinking about making orange chips with the DS logo on it for us.  maybe making it into a charm or something.  I really really think we are a super powered version of a Diabetes Anonymous group of something,   More than just the usual, Hi I am Tomiko and I am diabetic.  I have had my A1c down to a respectable level for 2 months now.  hehehe



I am still mindlessly eating candy and carbs so I wouldn't even get a chip if I did make them.  Unless it was a potato chip.  :-)


Today though, I am on target. Eating like a good diabetic.  My sugars are 116, 128 and I feel HORRIBLE! (sigh).  What in the world?  That isn't fair.  Do what you are supposed to and feel crappy.  Binge on stuff you know you shouldn't and you don't feel it at all.  Course what is going on inside your body is bad, very bad, but you won't feel those effects for a while.  Not fair!!  (insert poutty child face here).


It is times like this I really resent my health.  My body is so not cooperating with me.  What is a girl to do?  I could go get that candy bar, which surprisingly I am not even craving.  I could try to find some protein but when I get this way, eating is the last thing on my mind.  I know, again surprising.  I am likely to settle for some hot tea or something along those lines but it would really be nice if my body rewarded me for treating it well instead of rebelling.  I know we aren't used to it yet but work with me.  We'll get there.


Got some test results back last week and despite my period of rebellion, my A1c didn't go up that much.  It was still under 7 so that is good news.  Everything else was ok as well.  A little low on vitamin D but seems like everyone is these days.


Gotta work on the conistency of eating better and maybe days like this will be few and far between.  I am leading the Weight Loss group at my church for the single ladies.  What kind of example will I be if I don't adhere to the making an effort?  So hopefully the 8-12 pounds I did manage to lose (depending on how kind the scale is) will have a few moe friends soon.


As we all well know, support from your friends is the only way to really get through these tough times in our lives.  I thank you for letting me share and vent and ramble on and hope that in some small way, seeing me and my very real, very personal struggles as of late, helps nudge you forward and lets you know, you are not alone. (queue Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Pressley.)