Sharing the Diabetes Journey

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Sharing the Diabetes Journey

February 22, 2011


It has been another eventful week! DiabetesSisters Quarterly Gathering was in Raleigh from 1-3pm on Saturday and we had many returning women and two new women who just found out about DiabetesSisters.  Now that we have been having these meetings for about 18 months, it really feels like a family-- a true support system-- when we get together.  We get to catch up with each other, talk about any- and everything diabetes-related, and hear from a speaker on a specific topic-- and that always leads to great discussions among the group.  In fact, it is always hard for me to tear myself away at the end because we always hang out and talk with each other after the "official" meeting time is over.  This time I had to tear myself away to make the trip to Hickory for my dad's 60th birthday party- which started at 5pm.  I'm glad to say that I made it without a speeding ticket and enjoyed a fun-filled family night that included lots of laughs and few Wii competitions.

I am also pleased to announce that DiabetesSisters was approved as an Associate Member of the STOP (Strategies to Overcome and Prevent) Obesity Alliance. Through a series of innovative research and outreach tactics, the STOP Obesity Alliance highlights the importance of identifying and managing obesity to reduce the toll of weight-related health risks, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The project is designed to identify and remove the public and private policy barriers, as well as cultural stigmas, that hinder prevention and management of overweight and obesity. The group takes actions and makes recommendations that address the health, health care and societal consequences of obesity. I look forward to providing a voice for women with diabetes on this Council.

APRIL is going to be a jam-packed month for me- for sure! I am also excited that I have been invited to attend Medtronic’s Diabetes Advocate Forum in Los Angeles on April 1, 2011. I’ll have more information to share with you soon. My daughter’s birthday is on April 12. Then, I will be attending the 2011 PhRMA Annual Meeting in April as a guest of Sanofi-Aventis. Easter is the following weekend in April and the Weekend for Women Conference (Raleigh, NC) is the last weekend in April. So, if I disappear for a while in May- you’ll know why!?!

Finally, I am so excited to share some videos with you from our Raleigh, NC and Charlotte, NC PODS Meetups. Both groups include some really spectacular, diverse women and it just warms my heart to see women of such different age groups, races, and types of diabetes sharing their diabetes journey with each other and helping each other. It is truly a magnificent thing to witness!  At the PODS Meetup in Raleigh on Monday night, we had a large group of about 12-14 women.  Lesley, the host, prepared a sugar-free chocolate dessert for the group to try (and it was magnificent!).  We kept talking and sharing so much and no one wanted to leave!  Instead of ending at 9pm as usual, I didn't leave until after 9:30pm.  It was so uplifting!