So Worth It

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So Worth It

Getting used to a new baby in the house is a lot more challenging than I anticipated. Getting used to a new baby when being a diabetic is a challenge I can honestly say I was not prepared for at all.


I am a scheduler. I like to have everything on a timeline. Wake up at 7, get ready and head to work to be there by 9, lunch at 12, off at 5, supper by 8, and bed by 10. Blood sugar testing was done before each meal, and every meal was within 30 minutes of the normal time. If I had a low or high, I could time a recheck and stick to that recheck time.

Now? Not so much. I wake when the baby wakes. And that can be any time during the night plus the normal wake up time of 5-6am. Most of the time, I’m too exhausted to even think of trying to stay up even after he goes back down, so I sleep again. And this pattern continues, some days through breakfast and lunch time. I am totally off schedule, and have also let my diabetes slip through the cracks as well. I am nowhere near on top of things as I used to be, and it kills me. I am hoping that after I return to work and BabyK gets older, I can put him on a schedule that will help me stay on my own schedule better. Which, I’m sure that will be the time that he’ll start teething and we’ll be back on this rollercoaster all over again.

Another thing that makes things harder is the pumping. Since he stayed in the NICU for so long, he doesn’t latch on very well for breast feeding, so I pump his milk and store it for when he needs it. But with doing this comes the side effect of low blood sugars. They aren’t as bad as they were in the beginning, but I still do drop low after pumping sometimes. I have been told its okay to not be as tight with my blood sugars as they were during pregnancy, so I’ve been allowing myself to stay a little higher before pumping so that I don’t have to compensate with a suspended pump or a glass of juice.

I am so happy to have been able to experience a pregnancy. And even though it’s thrown me for a loop in every direction, I enjoy being a mom. Things may be harder, but I am a firm believer in the fact that God will never put more on you than you can handle. He obviously thought we were ready for this, and blessed us with a little one. So, even though he’s not on a schedule as I would wish, and it’s more work diabetes-wise than I dreamed, I would do it all over again. And even though I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was, the joy I have from being his mom makes every bit of having him so worth it!

And I would like to thank Diabetes Sisters for letting me post for them through my pregnancy. You guys have been wonderful in letting me share my story with your readers, and I hope to be able to work with you guys again for round #2 (several years from now! Haha!)!!