Summer's 6th Birthday

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Summer's 6th Birthday

April 13, 2011

Summer's 6th Bday

Yesterday was Summer's (my daughter) sixth birthday! We had a fun weekend celebrating with my family in Hickory and we had a great time with her birthday party at school yesterday. She is definitely maturing as the birthday themes she chose this year were: Jonas Brothers for the party with my family and Justin Bieber for her party at school. I have no doubt that I will remember this special day forever because it was her first school birthday party. According to her, “It was the best birthday party ever!!…” Now, isn’t that the acknowledgement all mothers want to hear from their child!

Although a child’s birthday is a big deal to many mothers who don’t have diabetes, I think it is even more special for those of with diabetes because it symbolizes success- success with managing our blood sugars and success with something that many of us were told would be impossible. I LOVE proving people wrong—especially when it comes to diabetes!

This morning, I went over to the ABC 11 news station to tape a segment on DiabetesSisters and our upcoming Weekend for Women Conference. Laura Ann Young from UNC Highgate Specialty Center joined me for the segment. It will air this Sunday on the Heart of Carolina Perspectives with Angela Hampton. (I’ll post it on the site as soon as it is available.) I am writing this blog as I sit at RDU Airport waiting on delayed flight that was supposed to leave at 2:37pm for Newark. It is now scheduled to leave at 5:50pm! I am on my way to PhRMA’s 2011 National Meeting as a guest of Sanofi-Aventis. I am so excited about this meeting and the incredible people who will be in attendance! I hope to strategize new projects and forge new partnerships. So, being late to the meeting doesn’t exactly fit into my plan. But, I guess as a woman with diabetes, I have had to learn to roll with the punches, and deal with sudden changes in plans. After all, one minute my blood sugar might be 128, then when I check again two hours later when I’m ready for a serving of ice cream, my blood sugar might be 351. I have to change plans and go with the “diabetes” flow. It’s all in a day’s work for a person with diabetes…right?

I hope to be able to access twitter while at the meeting and report on the sessions I attend. The theme of this year’s meeting is, “No Time to Be Patient: Innovating for Health and the Economy.” Unfortunately, I had planned to keep everyone updates via twitter during my last meeting (Medtronic’s Patient Advocate Forum) but I had no internet access or phone access during the whole meeting.