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Too Much Work

December 21, 2011

Hi all,  sorry i have been absent.  I have been working almost around the clock to finish a last minute major project.  I didn't even get to do any Christmas shopping until a few weeks away, online and paying premium prices to insure receiving before Christmas.  I am on vacation until after the first of the year.  Finally!!  Now it is time to start cooking for the big Christmas feast.  My Mom cooks everything from scratch and boy does it make a difference, but it takes many hours to cook a meal that lasts all of 20 minutes.  I have been trying to be faithful with taking my medication in preparation for that wonderful day.  I have been getting primed for Christmas and family and children with Santa and I had something traumatic happen that makes me feel like

the meanest, coldest person in the world.  We had to put our 14 year doggie to sleep this past Monday.  It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  She was the one that was diabetic.  She was also taking medication for a heart murmur and she had lost 16 pounds in a very short period of time.  She never seems to mind the injections and never flinched.  I think of how I hate taking one injection a day and she had to take 2 a day.   I held her in my arms while my daughter drove me 2 hours to our favorite vet.  My husband met us and drove the remainder of the way.  I knew her quality of life had diminished and she was failing fast.  Even though I have been very sad, I have tried to gather something positive.  I am donating her unopened syringes and a brand new vial of insulin to our vets office.  They will give it to someone that can't afford it.  I had bought many many soft blanketsfor her.  What I didn't use to wrap her in, I am going to donate those as well.  My poor brother has been dubbed the undertaker.  He makes our doggies a beautiful coffin to bury them in. My Mom's back yard has become the doggie cemetary.  We have solar lights and flowers on each grave. 

It makes me want to straighten up with my slackness before something fatal or devasting consequences happen to me.  I am NOT strict at all with my diet, exercise or my medications.  I have decided that I will let myself have a holiday diversion, but after the New Year, I will snapping myself into shape.  I am going to learn how to zumba and get back to work using my wii.  

I am very sorry that my blog is sad and dismal this week, but I hope that us slackers can take note before it is too late and get on the straight and narrow.  I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  oh oh, my wedding anniversary is New Year's Eve, so we have a small celebration with friends and family and will be popping a cork or too.

Take care until next time.