Week 26

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Week 26

Tomorrow (Saturday), I will be at week 26, nearing the end of the second trimester.  Up until last week, the second trimester has been amazing.  I got over the symptoms from the first trimester, I got used to all of the doctors’ appointments, and my blood sugars were doing really well.  Things were smooth sailing. 

Things are still going relatively well but I have had a few blips in the radar over the last few weeks.  It all started about two weeks ago.  I went to the perinatologist, high-risk OB, and my baby boy looked great!  His heart seemed to be moving the blood along fine, his limbs all looked good, and his heart rate was good.  However, the doctor noticed that my amniotic fluid level was on the high end of normal.  It clocked in at 22 and “normal” is typically 8-18 (high is technically above 24).  The doctor didn’t seem too concerned but of course I went home and googled it and was completely overwhelmed with fear.  Luckily, I was seeing my regular OB the following week.  She eased my fears and told me that the amniotic fluid can fluctuate especially in the second trimester and 22 wasn’t technically considered high, just on the higher end so I should wait until my next ultrasound appointment to see how things are progressing.  The condition is called polyhydramnios and one of the main conditions that can cause this is diabetes (ding, ding, ding!) but because my blood sugars have been pretty tightly controlled, they didn’t think it was diabetes related.

Over the last week or so, I have also seen my insulin resistance suddenly creep up a lot.  I was really enjoying the insulin sensitivity for a while!  I think it started around week 8 and lasted until about week 24 or so.  While I was still trying to eat healthy, I would eat a few more cupcakes than I probably normally would have because I could cover the carbs easily without seeing huge spikes in my blood sugar.  Well those days, unfortunately, are over.  I’ve made adjustments to everything from my insulin to carb ratio, basal rate, correction factor and pre-bolus time.  At first, it was just a few tweaks to my I:C ratio but then it was evident that everything needed a little tweaking.  Breakfast has been the most difficult to figure out because my insulin needs have increased dramatically.  Breakfast is a 1:6 ratio while other meals are in the 1:12 or 1:14 range.

At my endocrinologist appointment a few weeks ago, my blood pressure was high and of course, my first thought was oh no, I’m getting preeclampsia, but it must have just been a stressful day or something because at follow-up doctors appointments, my blood pressure was back to normal.  My weight gain seems to be on track as well.  I’m at week 26 (short by 1 day) and I think I’ve gained about 17 pounds.  I was considered a normal weight before pregnancy so that means that by week 26, I should have gained between 13 and 20 pounds, so I’m right there in the middle.

I met with my CDE (certified diabetes educator) this week and we started to work on a birth plan for my diabetes.  It’s becoming so surreal how soon this baby could be here!  The main plan is to go back to my pre-pregnancy rates once I deliver.  I didn’t have the best rates before pregnancy though so we are still working to tweak them some.  I have also been told I should be able to keep my insulin pump on during delivery but I haven’t talked about a birth plan with my OB yet so that’s still to be determined.

Health issues aside, the last few weeks have been fun.  My husband and I took an infant CPR class and a breastfeeding class.  The breastfeeding class had so much information it was pretty overwhelming.  I’m hoping when baby comes I can remember some of what I learned! We are also having our nursery furniture delivered tomorrow and I can’t wait to get that all set up!  We still won’t have any bedding or decorations but at least the main furniture pieces will be in.  I’ve also felt the baby kick a LOT.  Some days he is pretty quiet and it sort of worries me but then other days he is super active.  My belly is getting quite big and I can’t believe it’s going to keep getting bigger for the next 14 weeks! It's crazy I only have two more weeks left in my second trimester!  Third trimester here I come!