Week 36ish

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Week 36ish

In exactly three weeks, I will be holding my son (I'm at 36+4 weeks but will be induced at week 39)! My induction is scheduled at 5AM (EARLY!) and depending on how close my body is to delivering, they may take me the night before so I get a head start.  I’m starting to get really nervous about the upcoming “labor day”.  I still need to pack my hospital bag; I’ve been majorly procrastinating on this!  My husband and I still haven’t chosen a name yet.  I’m fine not having a name until we see him, but I would at least like a top 3 list to choose from.  Hopefully by the end of this week, I will have accomplished both.

Baby has been doing well.  I’ve been going to both the regular OB and high risk OB each week, so it’s been a lot of doctors’ appointments.  The regular OB checks my blood pressure, checks my urine for protein, checks my weight, feels around my belly to see what position the baby is in and checks the fundal height, which measures the fetal growth.  At the high risk OB, I get a biophysical profile done, which I mentioned last post is a combination test of an ultrasound evaluation and a non-stress test. 

Every appointment I have had so far has gone really well.  My little guy has scored a 10 out of 10 each time on the biophysical profile and my blood pressure, urine, weight, etc all seem to be just fine as well.  The only thing that hasn’t been going well has been my baby’s growth.  As of last Friday (at week 36), he was already measuring 9 pounds!!!  Since I have three more weeks to go, the doctor thinks I will be delivering a 10.5 pound baby, assuming he grows about half a pound per week.  According to my high risk OB, his size doesn’t change anything but I go to the regular OB tomorrow so I’m curious to hear her thoughts (will I still be induced versus c-section or will I be induced early). 

It is upsetting to me that the baby is so big already.  The main reason it upsets me is because my high risk OB likes to hint at the fact my baby is so big because of my diabetes.  He doesn’t 100% blame my diabetes, but he does put partial blame on the fact that I am diabetic by making statements that diabetics have bigger babies.  He does also mention that both my husband and I are bigger people so that could likely be the reason but I think he is partially prejudging me based on my diabetes.

In terms of diabetes care, I did start the pregnancy with an A1C of 6.8.  After finding out I was pregnant, I was able to get my A1C down to 6.2 by week 12 and then I have stayed at 5.5 the past two times I’ve gotten blood work done.  I was pretty aggressive with treating my insulin resistance but I was also lucky that insulin resistance didn’t hit me too hard.  I don’t think I really noticed increasing rates until around week 26 or so and it was a slow build where I was able to make adjustments to my basal and bolus rates.  Overall, I’m pretty happy with how I’ve handled my diabetes care and I don’t think what I’ve done is the main reason for my baby being so big. 

The last two weeks, I’ve noticed a trend in the opposite direction, where I am more insulin sensitive.  I have had to cut back my overnight basal rates several times and I’ve also adjusted my insulin to carb ratios for breakfast and evening.  I’ve been seeing a lot of lows, which combined with the decreased insulin has me a little concerned about placenta failure.  I plan on brining this up to my OB at our appointment tomorrow.  I’m not too concerned because my little guy is still kicking up a storm. 

I am very anxious for my OB appointment tomorrow to see if any plans are going to change for induction.  If not, I have three weeks to go!  I am currently in major nest, organize and clean mode and I’m also trying to get in as many date nights with my husband as I can before we become a family of three (well four if you include our dog).  This upcoming weekend is the LA Weekend for Women (wish I could be there but too far along to travel) and I hope everyone that is attending has as much fun as I did at the DC conference back in April!