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Are you new to diabetes? Did you recently find out you are expecting? Do you feel as though no one really understands what you go through on a daily basis? Are you terrified of doing something wrong? Would you like to hear about another woman’s struggles and triumphs with diabetes?

You can find exactly what you are looking for HERE at DiabetesSisters. Through our sisterTALK blogs, you will find an outstanding network of women who share their thoughts and feelings about the nuances of living with diabetes in weekly blogs. Whether you are experiencing Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, or pregnancy and diabetes, there is someone here who "speaks your language." Every woman is highlighted for 3-6 months to tell us about her diabetes journey in her own words. By rotating bloggers on a 3-6 month basis, our readers are allowed to read about many different perspectives on the disease. If you have something in common with our highlighted bloggers or have a thought to share, we invite you to post it below the blog. If you are interested in serving as one of our "highlighted bloggers", please email our Blog Team Manager at

Diabetic Stress

Type 2 Diabetes Blog

Hi Ladies! What comes to mind when you hear the word “stress?” I know for myself and most people, stress is negative. I think stress definitely can be positive though. Without it, humanity wouldn’t be motivated to do just about anything. So thankfully we do have it. But it has gotten out of balance in an unhealthy way for people in general. When you stop and actually think how stress in the negative can be and then add diabetes in addition to the complicated nature of stress, it’s insane what we all deal with on a daily and/or weekly basis. It also is a testament to the resilient nature of the human spirit and heart and how we can overcome so much. When you actually think about how much we as diabetics have to deal with, it is an insane amount of stress as well. For example, on a daily basis alone, diabetics need to check our blood sugar multiple times a day, carb counting,medication(either pills or insulin) exercise, checking our feet etc. Then on a monthly basis, I check to make sure I have enough blood testing supplies and if not order some the pharmacy. There is also monthly stress of the financial burden of paying for supplies and meds. Which can be quite overwhelming especially at different times in our diabetes journey. Since we all are woman here let’s not forget the stress of adding our menstrual cycles to the mix. Then the stress of doctors appointments either every 3 or 6 months. Whichever you choose for you. In addition to doctor visits there are the dreaded lab work. Not only getting it done but waiting for the test results can be stressful. It’s a lot of pressure for someone to take on. Let’s not forget the affect our blood sugars have on our emotions. I know for me that when my blood sugar is high, my emotions are all over the place and very irritable. For example one minute I will be happy and then sad and crying all the span of a few minutes. On the contrary, when my blood sugar is low it affects my emotions but in a different way by being really happy almost an euphoric feeling. It’s good to be aware of how our blood sugars affect our stress level and emotions since every person with diabetes is different and has different emotional triggers. It’s also very stressful to have blood sugars that aren’t within range and given your personality you may internalize it or blow up! But either reaction is ok! Knowing your own body can help you take better of yourself. The day to day stresses of diabetes can also stress the individual’s support system, because even if they think they understand, they never will until they actually experience it. I wish the stress of this disease, or anything for that matter, would just be limited to the person with the disease. But life doesn’t work like that. I have a difficult time asking for help even though I have gotten a lot better at it out of necessity. In the next blog I will talk about stress busting tips to help get rid of all this unhealthy, emotional garbage. If stress and emotions aren’t dealt with in healthy ways, it can certainly do a number on your mind and body. I also think that we need to know our emotional limits and adhere to our own personal boundaries. Believe me, I know this can be really hard for some people but it does reap great health benefits. Personally, I know that because I always feel exhausted, I bite everyone’s heads off! Another stressor: feeling like I can’t catch up with life's demands!

#DBlogWeek Day 1: Message Monday

sisterSTAFF Blog

DiabetesSisters is happy to be participating in the Seventh Annual Diabetes Blog Week! Today's prompt is: "Lets kick off the week by talking about why we are here, in the diabetes blog space. What is the most important diabetes awareness message to you? Why is that message important for you, and what are you trying to accomplish by sharing it on your blog?

The Freedom of Forgetting

Student Blog

For the past few months, I have felt down about diabetes. I know I’m not alone in my struggle – there is a whole community of diabetics and all of us are going through similar challenges – but I still felt alone. I was letting diabetes make me feel different from everyone around me, and that was preventing me from engaging with others to my full potential. I told myself I couldn’t go out with friends because they would drink and I can’t do that.

Overcoming Diabetes Challenges


When Tracee was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 19, she wrestled with the physical and emotional challenges of having the disease. Being the only one in her immediate and extended family with diabetes, she felt it was unfair for her to deal with having a chronic disease when no one else she knew had to deal with anything similar.

New Clinical Trial Results on Insulin Pumps and Type 2 Diabetes


By Dr. Francine Kaufman

Insulin pumps are often thought of as a medical device for people with type 1 diabetes. However, more and more research indicates that people with type 2 diabetes who are on multiple daily injections (MDI) of insulin can also benefit from using pumps. 

For example, new results from a study called the OpT2mise Trial were recently published.* This is the largest global study to evaluate and compare insulin pump therapy versus multiple daily insulin injections for people with type 2 diabetes.

Let's Be Active

Type 2 Diabetes Blog

Hi Ladies! I think it's a great point to make that we make sure we all check our blood sugar before and after any exercise to be aware of where it's at especially in case of low blood sugar. It's also our responsibity to be aware of it and plan accordingly. It's a good idea to bring candy or a small amount of food to treat a low in case it's happens as well. The last thing anyone wants to be some where and not have the right supplies to treat. Especially since it will happen some time and then you will be prepared to feel the best you can about dealing with this disease.

Food; A Friend and A Foe

Type 1 Diabetes Blog

Food can be a friend and can be a foe.  Food does a lot of good for every living organism on earth.  It gives us the energy to get through the day.  As with everything we have to watch ourselves, and monitor every aspect of life.  No matter if we have diabetes or not, however when we have diabetes it totally changes everything.  Too much food, can cause a high blood sugar, which can cause us to turn into the Wicked Witch of the West, but then again low blood sugar can make us just as mean.  None of us is perfect but all we can do is our best.