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August 1, 2011 

Hello everyone!  Sorry for the long absence.  A brief posting before the C3 sisters are back in action at the annual American Association of Diabetes Educators meeting. This year we are lucky enough to go to Las Vegas!  The events start tomorrow night and end Saturday.  Stay tuned to read about our adventures and other stories about our journey with type 1 diabetes 

Blue Morpho

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June 20, 2011

She caught my eye as I walked into the butterfly house. My immediate response to capture her beauty on camera. Her up wing a none descript camouflage. Down wing a glimpse of shimmering blue. Never stopping for more than a moment. A still shot could not portray her mesmerizing, light airy freedom.

My Guest House

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May 2, 2011

It is Monday evening, following the 2011 DiabetesSisters Weekend for Women in Raleigh.  Nancy and I arrived home last evening around 9:30 pm. After dropping her off, I drove the remaining few miles to our home, unpacked the mere essentials, and quietly slipped off into bed.

 What an incredible weekend it was, with time for learning, reflection, connection, and tons of fun. And for those of you who saw me dance, do not hold the mistaken belief that mine is a boundless reservoir of energy.  .  . for indeed the laws of nature hold true . . . that which does go up, must come down.

Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?

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April 5, 2011

I danced barefoot for many years, starting in my early childhood, through my teen and college years and as an adult up to age 50. Even before I was diagnosed with T1DM at the age of 8, I have danced. I studied and performed ballet, modern, jazz, creative movement, afro-caribbean, belly dance and folk dances of the world. Dancing has been my fitness routine for as long as I can remember. Diabetes never got in the way of my dancing until I developed a neuropathic Charcot foot.

Yogi Hoopla

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March 30, 2011

My treat for the month has been taking a Hoop Dancing class from my delightful friend Lia . . .  who also has diabetes.  Hoop Dancing, or “hooping,” is a fun way to strengthen and tone your body and burn 450 to 600 calories per hour . . . providing you can keep your blood sugar from dropping! It is also a great way to center your mind and nourish your spirit.

Head 2 Toe

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March 6, 2011

Several years ago, as I recovered from reconstructive surgery, I had a most uncanny experience. During the surgery the bones of my jaw were cut entirely through on either side, repositioned, and then wired in place . . . all to reconstruct damage caused by an auto accident. Several days later, on my way home from the hospital, I visited my Massage Therapist . . . and as he gently massaged the pads of my feet the bones in my jaw moved in response.

Something Else to Note

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February 18, 2011

You may be wondering “what else do I need to keep in mind” by the title of this posting.  For those of us living with diabetes, there is quite a bit we need to remember on a daily basis.  This post is not addressing these items, it is addressing something perhaps most of us have not considered a vital piece of information to keep track of.  I am guilty of this myself.

Starting Over Again

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February 3, 2011

For me, the New Year brings a new work environment with its own set of rewards and challenges. Over the past 3 ½ years I have worked from home where I have been able to maintain reasonable control over my environment. Considering that I have a severe allergy to Latex and other environmental pollutants, working from home was a good option . . . but it has not been the work I was born to do.  This transition is therefore one of great expectation, along with awareness of my need to maintain balance with respect of my physical limitations.

A New Year, A New Old Me

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January 21, 2011

Another New Year’s and another birthday have passed me by.  I celebrated my 39th birthday on the 4th, which means June will mark 38 years with type 1 diabetes.  I decided that my only resolution this year is to concentrate on me.  Some of you may be saying to yourselves that this is selfish.  I would say this is being selfless.