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Consider this: If a woman with diabetes visits her diabetologist/endocrinologist/diabetes doctor the recommended number of visits per year (four) and spends the average amount of time (15 minutes) with her doctor, she will spend a total of one hour per year working with her physician on her diabetes management. This leaves over 8,700 hours in the year for her to manage her diabetes on her own. It is during this “alone” time that questions often arise and support is needed. After all, no one can manage a chronic illness on her own.

Through DiabetesSisters’ Health Center, you can find answers to all of your questions in the areas of nutrition, physical fitness, emotional wellbeing, diabetes education, legal matters. All articles are written by certified medical/legal professionals who are affiliated with DiabetesSisters.

Remember-- it is likely that, if you have a question, so do many other women with diabetes.

Nutrition Tips

Living with diabetes means it is especially important to understand how what you eat affects your body and health. Our experts are passionate about helping people improve their diabetes management, and have insightful tips on how nutrition can lead you to a healthier future.

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