Newly diabetic and pregnant for the first time

Hi! I'd like to share my story to see if anyone can relate...

I was pre-diabetic prior to pregnancy and was able to get my a1c down to 6 before conceiving (which is not their ideal number, but better than the 7 I floating around before). I am 34 years old and 22 weeks pregnant with my first child. Before I was pregnant I weighed 120 lbs and ate a mostly paleo diet, I walked 30-40 minutes a day for exercise and did yoga in my living room. But, still my numbers were high and it was absolutely frustrating. The doctors haven't really explained much as to why I have high blood sugar in my 30's and I'd like to ask them about type 1.5. Anyway, Here's what I've been doing and freaking out over....

I started wearing the dexcom G6, even though I'm not type I, and I find it to be incredibly helpful while I figure out this balancing act. I'm taking NPH in the evenings and a small dose in the morning then humalog before meals. I find that my numbers sometimes spike between 150-180 after meals then plummet down to 65-70 a few hours later. Has anyone else struggled with this? I've started taking Humalog at least 30 mins before I eat... sometimes an hour if I'm starting above 150. It's helpful to watch my trend with the dexcom so I can see if I need a little extra snack or walk up and down some stairs. About 3-4 times a week I will spike up to 200 in the evening, but during the day I can usually keep in between 90-130.

I'd love to hear from others about their numbers to see if I am reacting normal or if I'm just all over the place and I should feel bad about not always staying in the ideal range. The doctors have a way of making me feel bad for not having perfect numbers. I understand their just doing their jobs, but it's hard to tell if these ranges are really something i should worry over and if I and my baby should expect to be ok by the end of all this!

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The one thing about being pregnant and a diabetic is that all rules go out the window. I'd been a diabetic for 17 years when I learned I was pregnant with my son. My blood sugars would go all over the place. This was before they did A1C's and I hadn't had a glucose meter, I'd been testing my urine. So I had a big learning experience. I was "taken" care of by the University of Michigan Womens Hospital. They told me I had to be hospitalized to get my sugars under control. I came out of the hospital with worse numbers than I went in. I was not a happy camper. Just do the best you can. Being 90-130 is not going to hurt you. That is where I averaged during both of my pregnancies. And my son was what they considered light for a juvenile onset/type 1 diabetic at 8.1 pounds and my daughter was tiny at 7.3 pounds.

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