Type 2 Diabetes after pregnancy?

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Hello everyone,my ame is Dani. I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and after my appointment today my midwife is concerned that I may have type 2 diabetes. I have an appointment on Friday to confirm whether or not I do. I'm completely lost. I read practically everything I could on gestational diabetes but it never occured to me to read up on the other types. I've tried looking for information but everything I find seems to be in reference to having diabetes before you conceive. This will be my 5th child. I have 3 daughters at home And 1 angel baby. DIabetes is very high in the female in my family. Has anyone else developed diabetes afterthey got pregnant and so close to the end of pregnancy? what did you do? how did you keep it under control? TIA
Posted about 4 years ago
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You can control your diabetes by eating some food with contain very low calories, and low amount of carbohydrate. And you also should consult a good doctor.

Posted about 6 months ago