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nw i have accpeted dat im goin 2 live with dis type-2 diabetics 4 rest of my lfe der z js no way out.

im glad dat im on dis site b'cauz i got to no a lot abt dis diseace here.

i havent eaten any chips,pickles spechally lemon pickle my fev in last week.

Im indian so we hve a lot of spicy food in our daily meal so its hard 2 follow d diet cmpletely bt im really tryin my best

i cant live without dark chocklate so insted of havin whole bar im js havin tiny bite :cheer:

dats a gud start

i would really lke 2 talk 2 odrs who hve type -2 diebetics

dats it 4 nw

Posted about 9 years ago
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Welcome meenu!

Oh to talk to doctors with type 2! Wouldn't it be grand? It would be nice to have a doctor who really understands! But isn' that what it is all about? Communication? You might want to do some doctor-shopping if you can (ask your friends about their experiences with their doctors, call a local diabetes educator and ask for a recommendation, or even make an appointment with another doctor for a "second opinion" to see if you feel more understood).
Congratulations on your choice to make the changes that you need to live with diabetes!
It's nice having you on board!

Laurie P., Moderator:kiss:
Posted about 9 years ago