Hello Everyone!

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Hello Everyone! I was browsing and looking for forums about Diabetes and Pregnancy and stumble upon this website (Thank you!) . I am so worried because its my first pregnancy after being diagnose with Type 2 DM in 2016. I am very sad and worried but I saw and feel while reading the forums that Everyone is supportive of each other.

I panicked because after meal I have 11.1 mmoL when I check 1 hour after meal, then goes down to 5.8 2 hours after meal. I am 7 weeks pregnant. And I am really scared and so guilty that I harmed my baby. I Just started Insulin last Saturday and I am still in the process of adjustment. I am devastated when I read all the bad things that can happen to my baby when my sugar spikes that high. I have my appointment tomorrow with my doctor and will let him know. Sometimes I don't know what to do. Though my A1c was always at 5. Something range prior this pregnancy. Those sugar spikes is what I am concerned about. If anyone has experience about this please let me know your journey and if everything goes well. Both for Baby and you. Thank you so much.

I hope we are all safe during these time. Sending hugs yo everyone!

Posted about 1 year ago