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Hi my name is Carin I've been a type 1 diabetic for almost 15 yrs. I never really took great care of myself not just because I didn't want to but for almost 6 yrs I didn't have insurance and couldn't get help from my state, I made to much money but could bearly buy what I needed. I had just got a full-time postion at my work when I met my husband. It didn't take long till I asked about an insulin pump. My doc at the time didn't deal with them so I went to met with a new doc. I was on the pump within month and half. My A1c went from 10.8 to 8.1 in three months. I now range from 6.8 to 7.3. My husband and I want a family. We got great news back in Sept. That I was pregnant but on that same day I got ladioff. My husband is only parttime at his job since he was laidoff back in 07. I was able to get insurance thru the state. Last month we lost the baby. I was crushed. None of my doc seem to think it was due to my sugar but now I'm scared. I lose my insurance now so I'm tring to find out if anyone knows of support groups that can help me with some of the supplies I'll be needing. I do know that I'll probally be going back to shots because it'll be a little cheaper. If anyone can point me in the right direction in getting help I would greatly appreciate the help.

Thank you
Posted about 9 years ago