Hi everyone, Iam new xx

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Hello there,

My daughter got diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in July of this year, she had just turned 7 :(

My daughter does not fully understand what it is all about and just trusts that my husband and I will sort everything out (as parents do) I have felt so alone with so many questions and I have just found this site so I am hoping I can get lots of advice and some friends :silly:

I am 36, live in the UK but spend every holiday in Florida (however not been since the diabetes) other than my 7 year old daughter I have a 4 year old son and a tiny little white Lhasa apso!!!

Lov from Floridagirl xx
Posted about 9 years ago
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Welcome floridagirl! (Ah a woman of my own heart....love Florida! We go to Naples, where do you go?) :)

Well there are lots of women here who have tons of experience with Type 1. Although this site is not a site geared toward children, these women have lived with this and can tell you how it is to be a child with diabetes and offer you some wonderful support. It's so nice that you are looking for answers and being pro-active for your daughter!

Have you joined any support groups or national children's diabetes associations? The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (www.jdrf.org) is one international group, the American Diabetes Association (US) also has some great links for kids...games and such (but the blood glucose numbers will be in mg/dl instead of mmol/l). Their chidren/parents' site is located at: http://www.diabetes.org/living-with-diabetes/parents-and-kids/ . Notice the link at the bottom right which is Planet D...lots of fun and information for kids and teens with diabetes. Children With Diabetes is a wonderful site that offers support and information also, and I noticed that they have a family support weekend starting Dec. 30 on Marco Island, FL :laugh: (http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/)

So what have you all learned so far? What has been your greatest challenge?

Laurie P., Moderator
Posted about 9 years ago
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Thanks Laurie

We do 3 weeks at Disney every year :woohoo: I think we love it just as much if not more than the kids. Thanks for the links!! I'll check them out. I / we have not joined any groups or been given any support thats why I was so glad to find this site.
I would rather have the condition myself than my 7 year old daughter have it, she is on 4 injections a day and just about comming to terms with them, but really does not like it :(
She's a bright and happy girl with a dream of becoming a star so we wont let this get her down!!! xxx
Posted about 9 years ago