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Hi! I am a newbie to these forums but interested to meet people and provide/find support - I was diagnosed in 2008 and spent basically the last 10 years in full denial. I was awful at checking sugars and taking my insulin. Fast forward to the beginning of 2018 where I ended up in the hospital with horrible dizzy spells, out of control bodily functions, cardiomyopathy, autonomic dysfunction, postural hypotension, wide spread neuropathy, and an A1C of 15.7.

So. Self imposed. I know. Scary? Yes.

I am the proud grandma to a beautiful 4 year old stick of dynamite also known as Karter. I need to be around for her as well as my own baby girl, her mom, Kailee. They are my world and I cannot believe that I have wasted ten years and done so much damage to my body.

Posted about 1 year ago