Type 1 Diabetic and multiple pregnancies

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Hello! I am new here
so not sure if posting this in the right place.  A little about myself, I
am a Type 1 diagnosed at age 10 ( now 30!) with a A1c of 6.0. It wasn't
always that way, didn't really get serious until I went to nursing
school and saw the complications of not taking care of yourself first
hand. It scared me sideways.  I did everything most college kids do when
I was younger, drank...smoked...never checked my BG, A1c's were usually
in the 8 ish range.  I since then have become somewhat obsessed with
maintaining optimal BG control, I am a Diabetes Educator at
our local hospital and going for my CDE in November.  I am married to an
amazing man and we have a 1 year old, Sonny, and I am expecting my
second in July! Whew...mouthful :)

I have been looking for
information on women with Type 1 since early childhood who have had
multiple children and interested in the feedback they have received from
MD's. When I was younger, and several times as an adult, I was
told to be careful having children because everyone seemed to have a
personal story of someone they knew who went blind or lost a limb
because they had so many children. It scared me so bad that I convinced
myself that I would have two and call it quits.  Now that the time is
here and we just found out we are having another boy, the decision to
have my tubes tied is here and everything in me is screaming no and yes
at the same time. I want to be healthy for my children but I want more
children.! Regardless, I would love
to hear any personal experiences with type 1's who have had multiples
and any advice their MD has given them regarding complications later
down the road.  

Thank you in advance and I look forward to being a part of this :)


Posted about 5 years ago