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Hi folks,
My grandma is a retired school teacher. She was a very active lady. My parents died when I was just 2 years old and my sister was at the age of 4 at that time. Grandma was the one who brought us up after the death of our parents. Although she was a teacher, she always tried to spend her time with us. She was our everything.

Now she has turned very old. When we found that she was in her early stages of dementia, we took her to an elder care in Toronto ( http://www.c-care.ca/ ) for better treatment. When we found that she was better after the treatment, we brought her back home. I and my sister took care of her on alternate days, adjusting our work shifts.

Unluckily, a few weeks back, she again started showing the symbols of dementia. She is unable to recognize anyone, at times behaving like kids. Last day we found her laying on the floor in an unconscious stage. We immediately took her to the doctor for treatment. He said that it was because of the rise in sugar level that she fainted. We came to know that along with dementia, other diseases also started to attack her. The doctor revealed the shocking news that she was in her last days and no much treatment can be done. All of us were really broken down by hearing that unpleasant news. All that can be done is to pray for her, to have a good death. I also request your prayers for that.

Posted about 10 months ago