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I can not afford the "good" insulin. The over the counter works really slow and not well, I lost my insurance coverage and the Novalog and Lavimere is So expensive that I just can not afford it anymore. I work and make just enough to pay the bills but I can not afford extra things like insurance or the "good" insulin. Surely their is a way to get them cheaper. They are very inexpensive in Canada and other countries, just NOT OURS! I would really appreciate some direction. I am the middle class that works hard and makes too much to get it free or inexpensive and make too less to be able to afford it.
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Posted about 10 months ago
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Hi Tanya, have you looked into patient assistance programs? Here is an application for NovoNordisk, maker of Novolog and Levemir:

NPH and Humulin R are less costly alternatives, but their dosing regimen will look different than Novolog and Levemir.

Hope that helps some.

Posted about 9 months ago
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You can try to order Novolog or other insulin medications at affordable prices on

Posted about 6 months ago