Oral surgery for diabetes patient..

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Hey Everyone!Hope all of you are doing well..I am Kim from Lexington. I am 50-years-old. A few days back, I have slipped from the stairs. I fell down on my knees and my face hit on the handrails. I was completely fine after the primary check-ups. So I went home happily. But after 2 days, I got severe pain in my jaws. I was not able to eat and talk. Immediately, my daughter took me to the hospital. After the scanning, it was found that the fossa on my left was fractured. My daughter took an appointment with the oral surgery specialists in Lexington and on the next day the surgery was done. Now I am perfectly fine. What disturbs me is the thought of my diabetes. I am a chronic diabetes patient, will it create any problems? I have heard that diabetes patients can't undergo surgeries. Is that true? Please give some genuine replies...

Posted about 2 months ago