Oral surgery for diabetes patient..

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Hey Everyone!Hope all of you are doing well..I am Kim from Lexington. I am 50-years-old. A few days back, I have slipped from the stairs. I fell down on my knees and my face hit on the handrails. I was completely fine after the primary check-ups. So I went home happily. But after 2 days, I got severe pain in my jaws. I was not able to eat and talk. Immediately, my daughter took me to the hospital. After the scanning, it was found that the fossa on my left was fractured. My daughter took an appointment with the oral surgery specialists in Lexington and on the next day the surgery was done. Now I am perfectly fine. What disturbs me is the thought of my diabetes. I am a chronic diabetes patient, will it create any problems? I have heard that diabetes patients can't undergo surgeries. Is that true? Please give some genuine replies...

Posted about 1 year ago
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I wish I was here earlier. Here are the list of my surgeries and the years I had them. They're in order.

I had carpel tunnel release done in 1979 then the other hand in 2008. I had two c-sections one in 1983 and the other in 1985. Lateral release in the knee 1990. Cataract removal both eyes 2010. D&C and Laparoscopy 2014. Ovaries and tubes removed 2014. Cytoreduction Surgery and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy 2014- this was cancer removal surgery, I had oral surgery in May to remove a tooth.

The only problems I've had are while in the hospital. The doctors, for some reason, don't want to listen to me about how much insulin to give me. So my blood sugars always run in the 200's. I'm having a fit and they tell me to calm down. I tell them to give me more insulin and they keep telling me to calm down. I'm hoping now that I'm on the pump, I won't have to worry about that if I happen to go back into the hospital.

As long as your blood sugars have been under good control before your surgeries and after, you should be okay. The problem with diabetics and any type of injuries is that we take longer to heal.

Posted about 9 months ago
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