Software for downloading our devices

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Hi All,
I posted this in another diabetic site, so sorry if you've already seen it.  I work for a company that is creating a patient portal for hospitals to use, and we're adding a component to allow patients to upload data for their providers (like blood sugars, blood pressure, weight, etc). Being the resident T1D in my group, I was asked if I would like to figure out some companies to work with. I know I use Diasend, and it is fabulous, because it takes all of my devices and puts the data in one place. I have a call out to them, but I was wondering what other sites are out there that people are using to download their various devices (meters, pumps, cgms, etc)?  I figure if I can make this process easier for anyone who uses our portal, then at least I'm doing something to help us out!  Thanks!
Posted about 2 years ago